Automative and tractor wires
Non-insulated flexible copper wire
A wire with copper conductor and PVC insulation
A wire with aluminum conductor and PVC insulation
Aflat wire fitted with aluminum and copper conductor and PVC insulation, with adhesive base
Flexible wire with twisted conductors fitted with PVC insulation and PVC sheath.
Household wires
Non-insulated wire with steel core designed for transmission lines
Non-insulated wire designed for transmition lines
Self-supporting insulated wire designed for transmission lines.
Cable fitted with conductors made of copper and steel galvanized wires insulated by light-stabilized high-pressure polyethylene, twisted in pair.
Single pair telephone distribution wire fitted with copper solid conductors insulated by polyethylene, and adhesive base.
Office wire with two, three or four copper solid conductors insulated by PVC compound
Household wire