High-frequency communication - four-in-one cable with polyethylene insulation


The cable is designed for cable lines of zonal communications of K-60 transmission systems used within frequency range of up to 250 kHz at AC voltage of remote power of up to 690V/50 Hz


Conductor - Flexible copper wire

Insulation - Insulating PE of high pressure (HPPe)

Insulating filler-cord - Made of polyethylene; four insulated conductors are twisted in star-quad around filler-cord

Filler - Polyethylene with butyl rubber composite laid on star-quad

Shield - Spirally overlaid tapes of annealed copper foil with underneath tinned copper wire.

Sublayer - Bitumen

Sheath - Hose made of light-stabilized HPPe


Operating temperature - from -40°C to +50°C;

Minimum service life under normal operating conditions - 20 years;

Installation - in cable conduits, pipes, blocks, along bridges and in soils with no mechanical effect and risk of damage by rodents;

Installation temperature - not below -10°C;

Installation bends - at least 20 sheath diameters.


Max electrical resistance of conductors per 1 km length at temperature of 20°C, Ohm: 15.95;

Max resistance difference of conductors in working pair, Ohm/km: 0.21;

Electrical resistance of insulation per 1 km length at temperature of 20°C, MOhm: at least 30000;

Operating capacity per 1 km length, millimicrofarad: 36.9+/-8;

Near-end crosstalk attenuation, dB: at least 58.1;

Far-end protection, dB: at least 66.7.