Single pair cable designed for telephone communication and broadcasting systems.


Single pair cable for telephone communication and broadcasting systems is designed for operation at voltage of up to 380 V and frequency of up to 10 kHz at subscriber lines of telephone communication systems and wire broadcasting distribution networks.


Conductor - Flexible copper wire

Insulation - High pressure polyethylene (HPPe)

Sheath - Light-stabilized HPPe


Operating temperature - from -60°C to +50°C;

Installation - in soils, telephone ducts, conduits, along building walls; the installation on overhead line supports is allowed for areas not subject to heavy glaze and strong wind.

Installation temperature - not below -5°C;

Max draft force at installation:

245 N for diameter of 0.9 mm;

294.3 N for diameter of 1.2 mm;

Minimum installation bends - at least 10 outer dimensions of cable;

The cable is flame-retardant if single installation is provided.

Minimum service life under normal operating conditions - 10 years;


Max electric resistance of conductors per 1 km length at temperature of 20°C, Ohm;

0.9 mm in diameter - 28.4;

1.2 mm in diameter - 16.0;

Electrical insulation resistance per 1 km length at temperature of 20°C, MOhm/km - at least 10000;

Max operating capacity, millimicrofarad/km:

50.0- for diameter of 0.9 mm;

56.0- for diameter of 1.2 mm

Type of PRPPM

Number of conductors in wire

Diameter of conductor, mm


0,9; 1,2


Cable is delivered in coils, in lengths not shorter than construction ones.