A wire with copper conductor and PVC insulation


The wire is designed for electric plants at fixed installation in lighting and power systems, as well as for fixed installation of electrical equipment, apparatuses, mechanisms and machines at rated voltage of up to 450 V (for 450/750 V networks) and frequency of up to 400 Hz or DC voltage of up to 1000 V.


Conductor - Solid conductor made of flexible copper wire (for PuV), and stranded extra-flexible copper conductor (for PuGV) Insulation - Insulating PVC compound. Color - white, gray, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, green, brown, black, purple and yellow-green (for solid conductors of up to 6 mm2 in section).


Installation in steel pipes, hollow ducts of building structures, mounting boxes, trays; and installation for electric circuits

Installation temperature - not below -15°C

Operating temperature - form -50°C to +70°C

Allowable continuous temperature of conductors heating - 70°C max

Minimum bend radius - at least 10 diameters

The wires are resistant to:

Acoustic noise within frequency range from 50 to 10000 Hz at sound pressure level of up to 160 dB;

Single mechanical shock with peak shock acceleration of 15000 m*sec-2, at shock acceleration duration of 0.1 - 2.0 ms; Repeatable operation with acceleration of 1500 m*sec-2, at 1 - 5 ms duration;

Low atmospheric pressure - 53 kPa;

High atmospheric pressure - 290 kPa;

Service life under normal operating conditions - at least 15 years


Electric resistivity of conductor at temperature of 20°C, Ohm*mm2/m - 0.01724 max;

Insulation resistance at 20°C, kOhm/km:

At least 1000 - for acceptance and delivery At least 10 - for storage and operation period


Type of PuV, PuGV

Number of conductors in wire

Diameter of conductor, mm


0,5; 0,75; 1,0; 1,5; 2,5; 4,0; 6,0; 10; 16; 25; 35; 50; 70; 95


Wire is delivered in coils or wooden drums as per GOST 5151-79, in lengths not shorter than construction ones.