Policy of the strengthened quality assurance, a high level of the requirements shown to technological process at all stages of manufacture
and also the use of high-quality materials from the Europe allow to lift the quality of released production on the world standards level.
All wire-and-cable production imported into Russia has certificates of conformity of Russian Government Standard and certificates of fire safety.
Quality of wire-and-cable production let out on the joint venture of Open Society “Andizhakabel” is confirmed by the international certificate of system of a quality management.

In September, 2005 of Andijakabel JV JSC, has successfully passed certified audit on conformity to system of a quality management to requirements
ISO 9001-2000 within the limits of: «Manufacture of city telephone cables; symmetric cables of communication; power cables in plastic insulation; control cables; bare wires, wires in PVC insulation; connecting wires and cords (flexible); a mesh from a thin wire from nonferrous metals and stainless steel.

In August, 2008, in connection with association of several German international certified bodies has been lead recertificated audit of the joint venture of Open Society “Andizhakabel” by the international body «TUV CERT». Audit has confirmed, that requirements ISO 9001: 2000/O’zDst ISO 9001:2002 are executed.

At the Andijakabel factory continuous operation on support of system of a quality management of a factory is conducted. For maintenance of the international standard in the field of measurements requirements, tests, improvement of the staff professional skill, more than 100 thousand US dollars per year is annually allocated.

The accredited testing laboratory, which provides carrying out of the entrance control of acting materials, carrying out of periodic, qualifying and certified tests of finished goods functions at the factory. There is also the accredited laboratory of the main metrologist department, which provides installed accuracy of measurements at all stages of a production cycle of production.

Within the limits of realization of quality policy on Andijakabel JV JSC under the special control are produced:

  • Strict observance of deliveries discipline;
  • Work on increase of a scientific and technical level of production and competitiveness of let out production.
  • Continuous operation on preparation, retraining, training of qualified staff, an experience exchange, training at leading factories of Europe and Russia.